Having built a great website, how do you get traffic to your site? It is one thing to have product or service relevant content, but what would be found more interesting is regularly updated content relevant to the product, industry or target groups that you wish to connect with.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way, but another effective way is to post blogs on your website. Blogging helps to create credibility for you and the service that you offer. The blogs should be credible, interesting and relevant to your service or product, the eco system that it addresses and related information that could be of interest to your focus groups. It would also be a good idea if you could get customers and people from within your eco system to post blogs on your site. It would help to increase visibility for your site.

More you blog, higher the traffic. Frequency of blogs should be atleast once a week or more, which would then attract regular followers. Once you establish a regular beat rate, followers will regularly visit your site to read your posts. Use as many search words as possible in your blogs. Provide links from your blog to some relevant page within your website or some relevant article. Make sure your titles are interesting but also contain your search words. All this is part of SEO.

Typical SEO activities that would help to attract more traffic are using search words in your website content as well as blogs, representing your search words in italics or bold, using search words in your headings and sub-headings, providing links to relevant pages within and outside your site etc.

Blogging is also a way to advertise your domain knowledge and establish yourself as a thought leader.

The author, Srikanth Vasuraj, is a Business Consultant  and Mentor focused on helping start-ups to grow. He can be reached at +91-98454 78585 or srikanth@nodiva.co.in . Please visit www.nodiva.co.in for more information.