NASSCOM Product ConclaveThis NASSCOM Product Conclave has the most exciting lineup of speakers this year. What’s More!

The experience goes beyond the star packed Keynotes and Panels to bring you 4 Hands-on Workshops!. These workshops are designed to enable you to succeed in your software product business. Each workshop is led by a world class practitioner who will use real-life case studies to bring key ideas to life and help you bring in your experience to the discussion.

These workshops are intensely interactive and seating is limited. Register early to book your place for these workshops:

1. Evangelising and Selling the Dream. Learn how to use use secular evangelism to get customers, employees, and partners to believe in your product. It charts a complete course for the beginner evangelist covering how to define a cause, how to identify good and bad enemies, how to deliver an effective presentation, and how to find, train, and recruit new evangelists.

Led by the legendary Guy Kawasaki. Guy is a Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, a former Apple Fellow and an author of nine books including The Art of the Start and How to Drive Your Competition Crazy.

2. The art of writing a business plan. Writing a business plan is often a giant obstacle for an entrepreneur. This high energy workshop will demystify the process by outlining a logical sequence of thinking through all aspects of starting a business. It will use real-life business plan examples and will provide a detailed outline of all sections that are needed. It will also tell what should not be in a business plan.

Led by veteran Naeem Zafar. Naeem teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Haas Business School at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been at startups and has extensive experience with mentoring and coaching founders and CEOs.

3. Marketing and branding strategies for product companies. This workshop is about using creative and innovative marketing strategies that will help your product achieve notoriety. It addresses positioning, channel management, promotion, and online advertising.

Led by Peter Yorke. Peter was till recently the Vice President – Marketing and Communications at Oracle Financial Services and built the I-flex brand.

4. Go-To-Market strategies for product companies. Do you wish to build a team of hound dogs who will track down customers? Or do you plan to build the reach of a spider and catch the customer without chase or lure? Learn what is your optimum strategy and get your sales enablement in place.

Led by Subinder Khurana,  Co-founder  marketRx , who grew it to one of the largest third-party analytics solutions providers in India, before it was acquired by Cognizant in a $135mill  transaction

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