I was impressed with what I saw at an Amity school in Noida. In the Maths area there were some excellent and fun brain teasers and puzzles put together by the teachers and kids quite a few of which stumped a “late 40 to early fifties ” bunch of IIT folks ( I was one of them).

One room was devoted to Nanotechnology. Not my field but it was all presented in a fun way that stimulated learning . I now know the difference between nano and pico technology and why peackock feathers do not lose color.

Some of the kids presented their exhibits in a rehearsed and coached manner but done quite well.

It is nice to see innovation in teaching at the school level.

My son grew up in USA and as parents when we visited India we got quite concerned because he seemed to know much less than his peers. When we returned to USA I visited his third grade class and returned quite reassured that it was just a different system. In third grade he had to write a report on whales ( what do whales eat, who eats/kills whales etc. ) with a bibliography and present it. Other students had to listen, question and they were judged on their class participation and on their own work. The presentations were recorded and the teacher plus students gave feedback on improvements.

If you have ever wondered why a lot of people in USA are very good at presentation then you now know they start very early.

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