This is a pet theory of mine and I happily acknowledge it could be wrong. A difference I noticed in how I was raised and how I think kids in USA are raised was that for me it was always ” If you do not do xyz then pqr will happen” Xyz was like drinking milk. PQR was like Gabbar will come or XYZ was studying hard and PQR was like being on the streets.

The result was that I had a strong fear of failure and a strong work ethic. In America there is a sense of optimism and self esteem with the result being a very low fear of failure and a relatively poorer work ethic.

Of course these are broad generalizations but I think I am seeing a difference in the way kids are being raised today in India which is a little more balanced.

Do people agree that fear of failure should be less ?I tend to think in an entrepreneurial society failure has to be an option. ? Is this fear decreasing in India ?

Any comments on work ethic ? My observation is that Silicon Valley startup productivity is atleast 2X what I have observed in India. True ?

This post was inspired by a visit to a school exhibition which I will cover in the next post.

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