Kota has established itself as a center of excellence for IIT coaching. Students after class X spend two years in Kota which costs them around 2.5 lacs.

I met a value investor from the US , yesterday who has done very well and has set up a foundation in India so that students who do not have means can get scholarships from his foundation.

He wants to build a life long relationship with these scholars, attract other donors also and go beyond IIT’s. In short he wants to scale.

The foundation office will be located in Kota and he is looking for a CEO for this foundation. The CEO could have rapid wealth creation based on outcomes. In that his approach is different from other NGO’s where the head of an NGO has few opportunities for wealth creation. In this case there will be the opportunity for reasonable wealth creation and doing good at the same time.

As you can imagine getting the CEO position will be tough but if you think you have the passion and ability please let me know.

Once I have the value investors permission to take actual names I will do that.

I could have put this in Venture Jobs but I felt it deserves to be highlighted a bit more as I thought the model is interesting for others to emulate in different fields .

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