I started by writing Few Good Men in NCR and realized that this would be inviting trouble and also eliminating half my audience. Restricting to NCR for teams/single person with no specific idea is necessary as the amount of interaction required will be hard at a distance. I am working with a few people with specific ideas who are from locations other than NCR.

People/teams who may not have specific ideas but have the passion/ability/fire to build something big which has the following characteristics interest me

1. Its primary market is consumer or small business in India
2. It can start small and grow big

These people/teams could be fresh out of some of the premier educational institutions or have some startup or big company experience but they must be able to work full time on the big idea with maybe no compensation for some time.

I have various ideas to suggest to them to investigate and become passionate about. I want to work with these people as a founder and an investor. Realistically I can work with only a few as my model calls for intense involvement.

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