I just came back from the inaugral MMS ( Mobile Monday on a Saturday) get together sponsored by Adobe and Value First. Kudos to the organizers. I know very little about this space so I just went to listen and learn.

I have a “smart” phone and an old mobile phone and strangely ( or maybe not so since I am 40+) I prefer using my old mobile phone. It is much simpler.

At the same time I like some of the things I can do with a smart phone. Now if there was a way where I could put my old phone in a docking station, connect to a PC and put a few apps on it that I want to use. To enhance storage maybe there was an add on peripheral that I could carry when I want to.

In short what I am talking about is limited functionality enhancement which can be done without needing to take the phone to someone who can play around with the firmware and use unutilised space on the SIM card ( possible for CDMA?).

If someone can crack this at an acceptable cost for the add ons I think there would be a big market and I would buy one.

Not being a techie I can ask these maybe stupid and dumb questions.

One of the people who presented was Webaroo and while I have Vaio laptop where I could carry my web pack from Webaroo it would be cool if I could carry Webaroo webpacks for display on my old mobile which is not smart. Webaroo is available on smart phones but it would expand their market a lot if it could be available on any mobile phone with a low cost add on

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