The ecosystem in the US encourages startup activity. Many startups fail but failing is not a stigma. I had the good fortune of attending a discussion where Bill Gates and Narayana Murthy were being interviewed. I asked Mr.Murthy what we needed to do to improve the eco system. He mentioned some excellent things, one of which was around encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs. Bill Gates said that a key strength of the US system was that it encouraged experimentation and death ( if you run out of cash).

I came across an interesting not for profit site that enables you to write your biography so that people will remember you. The sites I put up are intriguing. Whether the ideas can become elephants or not is debatable. My purpose is to get you to think. There is life beyond IT/BPO as Gaurav states in his post.

In a talk at IIM Lucknow one person said that they saw no opportunities to build elephants. I think if you open your minds you will see too many opportunities. In my mind there is no doubt that if India grows at 8% many new elephants have to emerge. The question then boils down to whether you will be on the elephant train or will you be waiting on the platform. The interesting thing is you do not have to be an entrepreneur to be on the train. You could be an early employee, a lawyer, an angel etc. For those of you who have read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that was written with the US context in mind. A few years ago the context in India was different but now I think the Indian context may be getting close to the US context. Poor Dad had a good life which was stable much like Bilbo Baggins in JRR Tolkien’s Fellowship of the ring. Gandalf enticed him to leave the comfort of the Shire …..

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