The Tech Startup Ecosystem in India : Mapped

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  1. Vijay says:


    You are absolutely right. Incubators would actually span all the way from Idea to much further down the road. Some even like to stay as far as the company going into the Series A / Series B round.

    I did another post early on on the difference between accelerators and Incubators as well:

    PS: Also have updated the “Map” with the new version with Power of Ideas etc factored in.

  2. Varun Khona says:

    Alok, that made the whole thing look easy as a pie. There are still quite a few incubators/accelerators out there but the major ones have been covered.

  3. Mohsin says:

    This is a great map. But I think you’ve missed a major stakeholder in the ecosystem – INCUBATORS. I work for CIIE – the incubator based at IIMA, which manages and runs the iAccelerator program. We have several other programs, most notably the Power of Ideas – India’s largest idea & start-up scouting competition, that leads to seed investments as well as grant prizes. Other notable and significant incubators in India are SINE (IITB), RTBI (IITM) etc. Please do make note of these few but significant players in the ecosystem. I think the role of incubators is far-reaching, extending across all the stages of the start-up mentioned in the graphic.

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