Advisors, Mentors or Coach?

We see far too many folks confusing mentors for advisors.

A mentor’s job is to mould you as an entrepreneur and make you successful. For them a business that you do now is just a phase, and are more focused on you as the product. Now, that means, a true mentor will break you, push you and put you back in more ways than one, to sculpt you into something. You need to trust that person absolutely to be able to grant them the time and patience (even if you hate it) to do that.

On the other hand there are business advisors, who are brought in for specific agendas with a specific business. They dont care much for what you as a person are accomplishing, but if the business is doing well. But you have to have specific questions for them – the more specific the better. Then there is such a thing called coach.

It helps to know what you are looking for. Its as different as trying to find a girl to date, vs trying to find a friend 🙂 Remember the success of all these engagements depend on getting expectations right. Know, what you need.

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  1. Krish says:

    Sometimes having no Mentor is infinitely better than having the wrong one. Some of them would even look down upon your idea for the simple reason that they were unable to make any sense of it. The freshness of your idea is at risk here. Instead, have no Mentor, be a bit cautious in your outlook and always pick up on the weak signals. This should keep you in good stead. As you move along, you might find the right Mentor. With a bit of luck, the right one may even find you. Remember, Mentors are always made, never born.

    Also, the best mentors give advice to YOU, not a younger version of themselves (assuming mentor is older).

    The other thing i would say is the kind of mentor you need changes. As your needs / life / company evolve, your circle of mentors should evolve with it.

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