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Telecom: A Snapshot of the Global Data ARPUs

I believe we are racing towards a global economy. With th US economy getting colder, the heat is quickly going to turn to India to kick off and see some high returns quickly. That’s a theory that I am going with, for now. Here’s a snapshot of the Global Telecom market. It helps to keep […]

Selling to the Unaffordable. Part I

Most enterprises in India look to “more economically viable” markets abroad as their target customers. If you ask them why is it that we are never focused on local demands, and the market that is seemingly so huge and is often quoted to be one of the fastest growing, the response is usually the same: […]


This is a company started by a bunch of ex- PayPal people which could be useful for startups to get themselves noticed and get feedback. I just joined and put some information about myself and Eko. At Eko we intend to play around with the site and see if it proves to be useful. Easy […]

The Consumer Internet Dilemma: Users or Customers

I’ll start with a broad, sweeping generalization about consumer internet: 1. The user never pays. I would consider it to be not only true to a very large majority of consumer internet ventures, but actually a defining characteristic of consumer internet. 2. Since the user doesn’t pay, and the business exists to make money, there […]

Indian PE affected by meltdown

ET has a piece on PE investments slowing down and deals taking more time to close. The current global meltdown propelled by subprime concerns has left its mark on the Indian market too, which is also evident in the number of private equity deals slowing down. Industry experts say unlike in the past when term […]

Marketing Plan & Budget

Hi All: I run, etailer of art products. I want advise on the components of a marketing plan and advise on a estimating a marketing budget for a startup ecommerce site. Some of the specific queries that I have are: 1. what is the typical value of online purchase in India? if any info […]

Hi Everybody: Artjini has launched, India’s largest and only etailer of prints, canvas transfers and tapestries. These high quality products are sourced from publishers across the world. The images range from the old masters to the modern classics, and abstract works of art too (includes quite a few posters of celebrities). A unique feature […]

Lessons from the bust

I might be calling this a little early, but in times such as these, its better to be early than dead. Now that the Sensex is 30% (Nasdaq 25%) off recent peaks, and US economy heading downwards, here are some lessons from the last time we went through this: Cash is king – raise money […]

BarCamp Mumbai – 29th Mar

BarCamp Mumbai 2 was a big hit with over 200 attendees and a day full of discussions on many interesting topics and ideas. BarCamp Mumbai 3 is now on the cards for 29th March at School of Management at IIT Mumbai. In the true spirit of BarCamp it’s an open platform which anyone can make […]