Hi Everyone!. We are back in the beginning stages of those exciting times again!

There has been a lot of silent activity happening at our end this time, to make things happen much earlier on, so that we could probably add a bit more value to the startups that are presenting. There are some hard and fast rules that have evolved within the team as to how a company would look like and the qualities that it would possess by the time it takes on the stage in Proto.in. We do have every intention of making sure that those qualities are met – of course we will also enable the means for that to happen.

As you know, the fourth edition of Proto.in, is coming up in July. If you are a startup based out of India and you believe that you have a technology product, and have atleast a team and prototype in place, then you qualify to apply. The screening and shortling of companies this time is going to be much harsher to raise the standard of companies that we showcase, so please help us out by participating only if you atleast the bare minimum criteria that I just spoke about. If you are a startup that posesses the trait of a being a kick-ass startup, we’d like to hear from you. Really!

Proto.in is a technology showcase event which aims to bring together the startup ecosystem together, and throws the spotlight on some of the best startups that are upcoming in the Indian ecosystem. The companies are given a six minute slot during which they present the company, team and demonstrate their product (with a working prototype) to show what their product is. The six minute session is followed by a quick round of questions from the audience, after which they are given a space on the demo floor, where they can meet and interact with the elite audience that attends the event to increase awareness, market traction, forge potential partnerships, validate their markets, and also perhaps raise funds from investors.

The Nominations are open as of Yesterday and will close on May 31. The announcements of the verdict will be done to the companies 15 days after that, during which expect a few skype, IM and telephone calls, and demo walkthroughs to get a better idea of what you do. So if you are nominating, ensure that those days are set aside. If you are one of the shortlisted companies, you will be linked with a mentor and work will begin on how to polish your presentation, and presentability after that till D’day.

As I always do remind folks, Proto.in is a showcase platform for technology startups to help them build value, in terms of partnerships, market validation, acquire customers, interact and announce milestones with the media, maybe attract talent, find a mentor, and maybe also attract the interest of investors. Please make sure that you express clearly what you are looking for. If you are looking for Funding, please go through this blog post [Is your Startup Fundable?] to make sure that you are on track and at the right stage.

That’s about it! Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

You can Nominate your startup here.