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Power of Being Online

Among various benefits internet offers to its users, “Voice of the customer” is one of the most powerful tools. The notion “Customer is the King” is absolute reality in the internet age. Let me share a recent real life incident in which I personally experienced the power of being online. Last year I bought a […]

Startup And Marketing

Hi, I guess i am a novice is this field and would like to throw a few questions at the community – ( I understand that answers to these questions may differ between different business types) 1. How much budget do you guys keep aside for just marketing (Pre/Post revenue) ? Please mention type of […]

Sponsor a Business

Dear Friends, This is one of the better ventures I have come across, leveraging the power of community to empower entrepreneurs. Its a matchmaking project, connecting entrepreneurs who need loans with lenders who can offer loans. If an entrepreneurs needs Rs. 50,000 as loan, he can receive it from multiple lenders , maybe in smaller […]

Druvaa inSync

Druvaa launched a new Enterprise Laptop Sync solution called – Druvaa inSync. And within 4 weeks of the launch (of version 1.1), initial response and order books are looking good. Idea – Fast, simple, secure synchronization for Laptops to an central enterprise server over LAN/VPN/WAN. The inSync client software monitors changes on configured folders and […]

Forbes Column: The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur

Here’s my latest Forbes Column: The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur. What is touching, is that the entrepreneur profiled here is also infinitely humble, embarrassed by this sort of attention from the media. In my private exchange with him, I have expressed my deepest respect, and the reason I want to feature this story repeatedly is […]

Startups do fail. What’s New?

I am seeing a flurry of activity among the tech blogs who’ve caught on a interesting topic to latch onto. Failed startups. If you ask me, I am not sure what the big fuss in this is about. Birds fly. Fishes Swim. Deals Fall through and Startups Fail. This is the natural order of things. […]

Team, Product or Market

It been a while. I just read a couple of posts on the relative importance of Team, Product and Market that motivated me to write. Here are the post. The first is from Marc Andreson (Netscape fame) and the second is in response to Marc by Paul Buchheit (Gmail fame). I think both are worth […]

What’s a great team?

Well, this came out of a comment on our fund announcement post. Someone asked, what do we mean by a great team. While it is almost impossible to provide a precise definition of the same, I would like to offer some things that we look for. Every team might not have all of them, but […]

Canaan closes $650M fund

Happy to report that we have announced closure of our eighth fund at $650M. The fund will continue to focus on early stage technology businesses in US, India and Israel. India could account for upto 25% of the fund commitments. For our India operations, this is a significant increase in commitment. We started investing in […]