Druvaa launched a new Enterprise Laptop Sync solution called – Druvaa inSync. And within 4 weeks of the launch (of version 1.1), initial response and order books are looking good.

Idea – Fast, simple, secure synchronization for Laptops to an central enterprise server over LAN/VPN/WAN. The inSync client software monitors changes on configured folders and syncs up automatically when the connects to network, securely over a specified bandwidth. Other features

Target – Enterprises.

Presentation –

Future Key Differentiator (ver 2.0) – “Infinite versions” (continuous data protection) – user can go back any previous date/tag and see data “back then” OR a search of file, shows how it looked on various dates.


We are thinking of putting it free (of cost) for 50 clients. And charge when users want enterprise support.

Some questions

1. Did you like it ?

2. Would specially like to hear back from startups which tried this product under our startup and open source initiative.
3. Can this model scale for consumers, where a users sync 2 GB free and 10 centrs/GB after that. Yes, i have heard and tries www.mozy.com , www.idrive.com and IMO –

a) inSync stands appart as a solution

b) “infinite versions” and cost can be a key differentiator

c) Experience says, storage is a big enough market for 100 companies like this.

PS: I am not able to embed the slideshare presentation well 🙁

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