Podcast Interview: Gopal Srinivasan of TVS on Entrepreneurship

Gopal Srinivasan belongs to Chennai-based TVS family, which runs the TVS groups of companies. TVS has led to the growth of Chennai as the automotive capital of India, and today Chennai is known as Detroit of India.

I caught up with Gopal in Manhattan, to find out about the unbroken culture of entrepreneurship that has continued for almost 100 years within his extended family. How did they do this and become a multi-billion group of companies?

You can read more about Gopal here.

I also have a second interview with Gopal about Tamil Nadu and Indian economy.

3 Responses to “Podcast Interview: Gopal Srinivasan of TVS on Entrepreneurship”

  1. kamla bhatt says:

    Bipin thanks for your comments…I am hoping that you got to listen or read the various kinds of people I have interivewed so far and continue to interview. I cover a wide spectrum of people and entrepreneurs. It is just not VCs or big name entrepreneurs…there are startup folks or regular folks who are doing something innovative.

    Krish: Thanks for your excellent feedback. You might want to take a look at the kinds of folks I have interviewed. Not everybody is inherently wealthy among the folks I interviewed. 🙂 Dunno if Motvik folks are, not sure if Indu Sharma is, and not sure if tolbolbol folks are.

    And, yes while Venture Woods is a mature and intelligent community…that does not preclude the fact that students, wannabe entrepreneurs and engineers and others mighe be drawn to this website to learn and find out how entrepreneurs became successful. There is a dearth of role models for many yound and wannabe entrepreneurs… how do we fill that gap? I am open to any suggestions that you might have on filling that gap.

    Or is this blog for a closed community of VCs, private equity players and bankers?

    Thanks all for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Krish says:

    It’s time someone informs Ms.Bhatt about the nature of VW community.

    An occasional post about great achievers would sure stimulate a lot of people. Podcasts / Videos of interviews with inherently wealthy people might annoy this community which has its coordinates that are diametrically opposite – trying to craft a rags-to-riches tale purely on the strength of erudition + aspiration + little or no wealth to boast of.

    That said, here’s a very mature and intelligent community (including those that neither post nor comment) and someday Ms.Bhatt would get to interview quite a few of them when they’ve scaled the pinnacles of glory. Till then she would do well not to rankle its tender fabric.

  3. Bipin says:


    Why don’t you also interview some Indians who burned their hands in entrepreneurship or were moderately successful(not wildly though) but not necessarily popular or are still trying ? A lot of young aspiring entrepreneurs like myself would be able to relate with such case studies and get inspired.

    A Rajat Gupta or a Gopal Srinivasan sound good but they are so far ahead on the curve(achievements) that their perspectives will not be necessarily relevant. And their times were also different. I would also love to see interviews with entrepreneurs who are doing something fundamentally different, innovating either in business,service or a product. Btw, your post on parents and startups was excellent.

    Just a thought I wanted to share with you.


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