Neeru Khosla ‘s name might ring a bell for some people. She is married to the legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla. In all these years Neeru has remained firmly under the radar and took care of her family. But for the past couple of years Neeru has been diligently working away on a non-profit organization that runs more like a startup called CK-12. The organization is focussed on creating flexbooks or customized content in math and science for US highschool teachers and students. All you need is access to the Internet and a printer and anybody around the world can create and print these flexbooks. Neeru and her co-founder Murugan Pal have ambitious plans and are also working on creating a social networking site for teachers and students. CK-12’s offering will be unveiled later this year in August.

I met Neeru a couple of times this past month in her Palo Alto office to find out more about CK-12 and what prompted her to do this non-profit organization and what kind of help and feedback she got from her husband. Does Neeru have a better understanding of her husband’s work now that she is running a startup? How is she juggling home and her startup life? How is her husband pitching in to help her? You can listen to the interview where Neeru talks about CK-12, entrepreneurship and her husband.