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Young Innovation

I was impressed with what I saw at an Amity school in Noida. In the Maths area there were some excellent and fun brain teasers and puzzles put together by the teachers and kids quite a few of which stumped a “late 40 to early fifties ” bunch of IIT folks ( I was one […]

Fear of Failure/ Work Ethic

This is a pet theory of mine and I happily acknowledge it could be wrong. A difference I noticed in how I was raised and how I think kids in USA are raised was that for me it was always ” If you do not do xyz then pqr will happen” Xyz was like drinking […]

Announcing Proto Summer Edition 2007

I am happy to announce the summer edition of to the Venturewoods community. This is slated for 21-22 July at Chennai and is in continuation of its first edition that took place in January earlier this year. For those who came in late, Proto is intended to be a springboard for upcoming startups in […]

Second Life tour

On Friday, 27 April 2007 5 PM, I will be conducting a small tour of interesting places to go and things to do in the virtual world of Second Life, for anyone who is interested. In case you are a member, please IM me and I’ll send you a TP link. To those who have […]

Canaan leads investment in iYogi

I am happy to share that Canaan Partners and SVB have invested $3.1m in iYogi. iYogi provides multi-vendor desktop support to consumers and SMBs around the globe, using delivery capability in India. We have spoken in the past about the way Indian BPO industry is evolving (here and here), and one of the key aspects […]

Rebuttal – Social Networking a Waste of Time in India?

Just saw this article from Avnish, Matrix Partners. Avnish, I know you are around somewhere on venturewoods, so please do participate in this friendly discussion! A followup would be unnecessary if I agreed with this statement. However, I must say that I myself do believe that the “kids hanging out” variety of social networks are […]

Druvaa Replicator – Competitive Edge

from my last post “continuous data availability”, most ppl sent email expressing these confusing over “how the hell it actually works and differs from traditional methods” 🙂 For the working part we are publishing technical papers (on website) and for the rest – | View | Upload your own Let me know, if anyone needs […]

New life, anyone?

Hello. I’m brand new here. Just met Alok in Second Life, and we got to discussing the different ways people and businesses can interact there. Second Life, for the uninitiated, is a three-dimensional virtual world where users can fly, shop with virtual money, set up offices and educational institutions, and a whole lot more. It […]

— Continuous Data Availability —

Key to any business continuity solution is continuous availability of critical data. And with up-coming SOX and Basel compliance regulations it would be even more necessary for SMEs and enterprises to have a data availability and disaster recovery plan in action. While there are a bunch of software/hardware for the same (from EMC, Netapp and […]


The site is up. Still a work in progress. It is nice that atleast for some people if they have the merit means will not be a problem. The idea of having a lifelong relationship with scholars is also interesting and may induce some of them to give back. anyone with ideas/suggestions please contact the […]

Delhi Meet | 20th April

Canaan and ContentSutra is hosting an informal event to meet people in the technology, media and VC industry. We have got good response and around 110 people have registered for the event. It should be a good platform to interact with young start ups and know more about them. It’s also a good opportunity for […]