Key to any business continuity solution is continuous availability of critical data. And with up-coming SOX and Basel compliance regulations it would be even more necessary for SMEs and enterprises to have a data availability and disaster recovery plan in action.

While there are a bunch of software/hardware for the same (from EMC, Netapp and Veritas), but their TCO (which goes over a million dollar) and complex integration efforts drive interested companies away. On top of it, most of these software based solutions cater to limited operating systems and applications.

Druvaa would like to bring in a paradigm shift in how business reduce their risk. Druvaa Replicator a product in its beta stage, near-synchronously and non-disruptively replicates product data over heterogeneous network, storage and operating systems and applications. It works with IP network and commodity-hardware to provide a application and OS agnostic solution which costs over 1/10 of other existing solutions.

Data Backup consolidation (from heterogeneous operating environments) and disaster recovery (over IP) are the keys features being targeted in the first release of the product. And we surely have an interesting road ahead …

And we seek VC funding and value added resellers to market this product in Asia-pacific market. Please contact me at or give a call at +91 9890712226

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