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Paul Graham has an interesting approach for seed funding. Maybe there is something we can learn and adapt. Some of us in Band of Angels may like to launch a Y Combinator . To do a proper launch will take some time.

This post is just a test check to see what prospective entrepreneurs in India think of Paul Graham essays and the Y combinator approach.

A few things I found interesting

1. YC looks for ideas and entrepreneurs and not business plans. It helps incorporate companies and get the entrepreneurs ready to get funding if required from angels/ VC’s

2. YC does not invest much. Maximum it has invested in a company is $24,000. It takes upto 5-7% of the company

3. YC seems to cater to entrepreneurs who have fire in their belly, good ideas and the ability to execute rapidly. They also need to be first time entrepreneurs who need help with getting started.

4. YC is not an incubator. All founders have to be in a sort of boot camp for 90 days but they work out of wherever they live.

I am in Delhi for just a few days in Sep/Oct so will investigate launching a Y combinator type play in India in November if I find enough interest.

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  1. vikas shah says:

    “Y combinator of India”
    We are laying foundation of Y Combinator in india through our new venture “venturesprings.com” .
    Venturesprings.com-is essentially a entrepreneurs network of india.We aim to evolve finally as “Y combinator” of india.Still we (self and akshay surve http://www.akshaysurve.com ) believe in not reinventing the wheel.So, if some body is already working on same lines we would be happy to join.
    What I can contribute is small fund to the tune of 5-10 lakhs .If some angel investor would like to assume a role of mentor to help us decide for investing in startups,it would be great.
    Readers your obvious question would be “why i am trying to be philanthropist”.Well i started with a travel portal but it died because of lack of seed fund.And all my efforts in drain.That is my motivation.
    Vikas Shah

  2. Hargurnaz says:

    I have many new ideas and looking for dedicated co-founders in web business who could help me go through these ideas, i am based in jalandhar, punjab, india. i have personal industrial family background for over 65 years (before independence). moreover, i am thinking registering my company in U.S as inc. or LLC. Preferably aged between 18-22. If interested contact hargurnaz@gmail.com

  3. Pradyot says:

    Is YCombinator kind of thing is started by you? Just a follow up..please write me back in my e-mail id.

  4. Gupta says:

    Very Interesting.

    A friend of mine, a techie with 2 IPR’s and in the process of obtaining a Patent – both are innovative usage of SMS.

    Both the products have good market size- useful for brand building by educational institutions (a huge market in India), Automobile, Fashion (high end), Property Development, etc., – Imagine the market size when you are addressing these sectors.

    They are looking for funding / tie up for marketing / Licensing their patents. [ they don’t a executive summary / business plan in place as of now].

    Please contact with any proposals that are win-win association for both.

  5. Kashyap says:

    The idea of a Y Combinator is just what we are looking for. We are a team of three working on an idea in the branded casual wear space. This field in terms of startups has not received any attention in the past decade. Most of the investors we have contacted so far have declined as they invest only in technology startups.

    We have started our idea by garnering funds partly from an investor and remaining from friends and family. However, if there were a Y Combinator equivalent in India, our pace of work could have quickened significantly.

    Any investors who might be interested, please drop me a mail at kashyap.dalal@gmail.com. We are looking for funding to the tune of 35 lacs over a span of the next 6 months.


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