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IPv6 and India

I recently read about IPv6 and what China’s plans are in the domain. Interested to hear other thoughts and what this means for India & Indian entrepreneurs.

Looking for Ma

China has Jack Ma. India has ____( fill in the blank). According to one of my fellow Band of Angel members quite a few VC’s investing in India are looking for exits by getting say a Net Flix to buy the Indian equivalent just as say Monster bought Jobs Ahead or eBay bought Baazee. They […]

Senior One Pager

Opportunity: Senior Citizens need a variety of services. They have special needs and also control over their time. They can go for morning shows of movies or fill up happy hour slots at restaurants. They are large consumers of pharmaceuticals. They often need assistance and healthcare. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a pretty […]

MIT Open Courseware

Some of you may find the course material of Global Entrepreneurship Lab Spring 2004/Fall 2005 interesting. I viewed a one hour plus video of a class session using Real Player. There were three options 56K, 80K, 220K. With my MTNL Broadband connection ( 256K) only the 56K worked with no interruptions. Three entrepreneurs spoke from […]

A Senior Opportunity

This should be of primary interest to entrepreneurs in Mumbai/Pune who view making lives of seniors in India easier as an attractive business opportunity. As a family ( my father, brother and me) our interest is in backing entrepreneurs who want to attack this space. We have put together a one pager that details 1. […]

Bridge Online- IIT Club

Poker Online etc. have become big. Bridge is tough as if money is involved cheating is a hard nut to crack. I used to play on the MSN zone site but they had plans to close it so I moved onto BridgeBase. This is an interesting site where the money games are with 2 humans […]

Multinational Startups

This article from Business 2.0 is interesting. Conventional wisdom is that a single location is very important for a startup and I think getting a multinational operation going for a startup is not easy. The advantages are numerous and it is nice to read about people who have made it work. I recently read about […]

First time enterpreneurship

This articles page has a set of really good articles and advise for first time enterpreneurs. The first time I found this I was up all night reading as many articles as I can ( while watching a late night football world cup match) Enjoy folks!

CDN/ Hosting

Techcrunch has become one of my favorite sights to browse when I have time to kill. From there I found that Limelight Networks has raised $130MM in funding and is one of the leading content delivery networks. CDN for iTunes is Akamai and for You Tube it is Limelight. For hosting EV1 is a sponsor […]

40 turns 50 in 4

A company that my brother cofounded just got acquired for around $50 million in cash. It had 40 employees and found a use for some cool technology that they developed in providing a Zero Touch Fraud detection solution. This year revenues were around $3-$4 million and next year may touch $10 million. I think they […]

Being Entrepreneurial

R.Madhusudan sent me this link. I found this to be a very good article on the difference between entrepreneurial thinking and traditional approaches. As an advisor I try to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking. If you read this and are able to put it in practice then your odds of success are likely to be higher. Thank […]

Mobile Monday Delhi

We are organising Mobile Monday (MoMo for short) – a meetup for mobile enthusiasts from every sphere of the mobile ecosystem like telecom companies, content aggregators, VAS providers, application developers etc. It’s a day long event and would bring in people from diverse backgrounds followed by presentations, demos and interactive sessions. MoMos have been quite […]