Instep Gartner Trends

Alok talked of out of step entrepreneurs. It is easy sitting in India to be instep. Towards that some technology trends mentioned by Gartner

1. Commoditization & consumerisation – makes tech more affordable
2. Virtualization & Tera Architechtures – Granular components that find each other and self assemble into a computing resource
3. Software Delivery Models & Development styles – Do not own but rent, Buy solutions and capabilities not applications & features
4. Communities & collaborations – Web 2.0, SOA( Service Oriented Architechtures)

I am not a technologist but even if some of this is possible then things are changing so that means opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs in India and globally who are instep and can capitalize on global trends.

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  1. Alok Mittal says:


    definitely excited — lets talk,


  2. krish says:


    I read the exchange between Arjun and Alok. Interesting. What struck me was both stopped at explaining and questioning the status quo.

    Most important thing is…the moment you find that you are growing at a pace faster than that of your organisation, it’s time to quit and startup. The only caveat here is that you have to provide for a couple of years of hard grind without regular paycheck and a great idea to foot.

    I am putting together a Technology Innovation Centre in India ( for IT and Medical Devises ) ably assisted by CEO of a very successful Incubation Centre in Israel who has agreed to be its Director on board. We keep a conservative target of 3 exits out of 15 investments over a period of 7 years. The first phase investment is pegged at $ 9 mil. The payback can also be flavoured with a Royalty component besides the exit opportunity itself during the incubation stage. Team to be packed with excellent Advisers drawn from Universities, Corporates and Industry thought leaders besides the sponsor VCs. Could be an ideal source for constant deal flow for any VC since they are involved right from the project selection and pre-screening stage.

    Now that the stock markets no longer give opportunity for late stage investors ( founders demanding obscene premium leaving little on the table post-listing for VCs to profit from ), it would be ideal to look seriously at startups at zero stage, well screened and thoroughly vetted by pros.

    Do you like the idea, Alok, Sanjay or any one from BoA ? If yes, may be we can get talking…!


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