It is humorous, and educative. Check it out. Other posts are also worth a read. I love the tactful useage black and white images from yore.

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

I am a social entrepreneur, wannabe.

My passion is in combining craft with technology to create products of high utility and aesthetic appeal. I am currently working on a physical(paper) file tracking system that uses high tech electronics, fabric, Zari( the shiny metallic thing in sarees) 🙂 and good old database programming etc. I plan to 'open source' the know how of making these file tags and actively transfer this know how to willing artisans and craft enterprises.

The rationale is that in India there are a lot of processes that are paper file based. And it is going to be so for a few more years. The files have a tendancy to get lost due to intendented and unintented human factors. And there are a lot of artisans and craftsmen who are nifty with their hands. If I am able to solve the pain point of file tracking problem- with the artisans/craftsmen it will create productivity at the demand side and prosperity at the supply( craftsmen) side. In the process it will infuse technology into livelihoods of craftsmen and artisans.

This will be interesting to technology innovators in general as the 2-way conversation between technologists and craftsmen can create a good rapid prototyping infrastructure.

The prototype development of the file tracking system is funded by TIFAC - organization involved in Vision 2020. The project is nearing completion with a small proof of the concept implementation at a public sector unit.

I have done my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I have worked for top consulting companies in India and abroad( Infosys, EDS, CTP).

I have interest in roller skating, yoga, spirituality, meditation, hiking and trekking. ( I have been on an adacious coast to coast drive from New York, NY to Anchorage Alaska on a Old Carolla with > 150,000miles on it with an Internetfriend/stranger 🙂 )

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