I attended proto.in at Chennai.
Here is my pick of Startups to watch in terms of their ‘Inspiration Value’: Their evolution and success will shape up the startup culture( in my opinion, of course!)

DesiCrew( Taking technology mediated work to rural areas )

Spinaxys( Mpathy: User profiling based ‘Relevant’ SMS ads; Quickly build the user base, please; Only way to survive)
Novatium( Home computing delivered through TV/Cable. This as a software platform will be amazing:A Wintel like market domination is possible!)
Sloka( Low power, small form factor WiMax devices; Hmmm… Hardware innovation in India?…)
Taazza ( Shifting the focus from Content to Context automagically(algo based ); Money making is equally fun: focus on it! )

All these startups are stacked up against heavy odds. Way they evolve, way they succeed, and way they ensure the longivity of their name is worth watching, learning and be inspired.

Bonus Links:
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Constructive criticism on proto organization etc.

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