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I attended at Chennai. Here is my pick of Startups to watch in terms of their ‘Inspiration Value’: Their evolution and success will shape up the startup culture( in my opinion, of course!) DesiCrew( Taking technology mediated work to rural areas ) Spinaxys( Mpathy: User profiling based ‘Relevant’ SMS ads; Quickly build the user […]

VC1.0, Stagflation and VC2.0 Preambe

Peter Rip of Leapfrog Ventures has a humorous piece on On Everything 2.0 and takes a dig the 2.0 trend with Arithmetic 2.0. Then he gets serious with Venture Capital 2.0 a series on paridgm shift in the (IT) VC space. First in the series, Venture 2.0 – Preamble traces the The sequential evolution of […]

Of Capital, Fear and Diet

Michael Sikorsky of Cambrian House a Crowd Sourced software play has written an interesting post, Raising capital: Six tips on Eating Fear. Interesting observations include: Most investors invest emotionally and then justify their decisions rationally. … You could have the most amateur answers in the world for how your business is going to operate and […]

VC Quiz at Forbes

I came across a VC quiz at Frobes that was very interesting. The quizes describe a venture situation and ask you to vote if the Venture thrive or die. I found the Quiz 4 Interesting: NEW YORK – Think you can sniff out a promising young company? Read the following preliminary analysis of an unnamed […]