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Where is the catch ?

I see atleast two examples of attempts at viral marketing by “Make my Trip” – High 5 program and “Seventymm” free six program. None of these pays for getting a user to sign up. They have to buy a ticket or continue being a member for the refferer to receive benefits. In pay per impression […]

Website Data

An interesting article analyzing data from Alexa. On a world radar India hardly shows up today and this article also talks about growth in South America, China, Korea but does not mention India. My view is that with developments such as the Reliance ( Anil Ambani Group) raising a $5 billion fund for investments in […]

CRV Goes for Angel Market

CRV a major VC firm in the US has an angel funding program. Read more here. I am not sure what happens to the loan if the company does not manage to raise a Series “A” round. To me it is great that more choices are emerging for entrepreneurs. I continue working on a seed […]

Slide Share

I tried this invitation only service to share powerpoint slides and embed in a blog . I had made a presentation to IIM – Ahmedabad students and used these slides. I am going to see if I can embed the slides in this blog entry 0


This is an interesting link to top Web Applications in Brazil. Community based applications have traction and a very large number of Orkut users are Brazilian. This post also has links to top web applications in other countries apart from Brazil including China. India is yet to be covered. The comments are interesting to read […]

Ecosystem Frustration

I read the posts/comments on VW since I have been away with interest. In my opinion most of the conflict and frustration arise from a lack of understanding on what kind of funding a venture needs and at what stage it is. First time entrepreneurs find it much harder. Entrepreneurs with a track record find […]

Y Combinator

Paul Graham has an interesting approach for seed funding. Maybe there is something we can learn and adapt. Some of us in Band of Angels may like to launch a Y Combinator . To do a proper launch will take some time. This post is just a test check to see what prospective entrepreneurs in […]

Blackberry Pearl

I used to regularly read Walter Mossberg’s colum on Personal Technology in the Wall Street Journal and I like Bambi’s commentary on MarketWatch. Pearl being sexy is probably not much use to me sitting here in India but Bambi’s report on Pearl made we wonder whether there any sites in India with really good columnists. […]

How Insane is your Process

This will be my last post for a while as I am off on an internet free vacation till Sep 25. Apologies for a rather long post. One of my pet themes is reducing friction in processes and a large part of PayPal’s success was because we were able to design very low friction processes. […]

SIM cards as CD

If mobiles are becoming pocket computers can SIM cards become like game CD’s, learning CD’s etc. If I want to learn English could I buy a learn english SIM card put it in my mobile phone. Would I have to have a high end mobile phone ? For SIM cards they have to conform to […]