I see atleast two examples of attempts at viral marketing by “Make my Trip” – High 5 program and “Seventymm” free six program.

None of these pays for getting a user to sign up. They have to buy a ticket or continue being a member for the refferer to receive benefits.

In pay per impression or pay per click merchants pay for just awareness. In viral marketing they pay for sign up which is a tougher bar for the viral marketer to cross. In India the bar for the viral marketer to cross is even higher. Usage and in some cases active usage.

Maybe these attempts at viral programs will work in India but I as a consumer would like to see an offering that is strong enough to retain customers after they register and is willing to pay for registrations. Obviously this lends itself to the system being gamed but if there are real benefits to users they will stay.

Would love to read comments from people on whether they think viral marketing will work in India and if yes in what form it will work ?

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