Ok folks… all who answered/commented and even those who didnt; I’ve added a final comment– that wraps my last post… feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

To skeptics, who’d say “what difference does it make ?”; I’d say it makes a lot of difference:–

– because if a individual who believes in his killer-diller crisis management skills to ultimately save the day is faced with a organization that’s judging people on planning– then there’s a chance that crisis-management and risk taking would be seen as the cause of the problem– and hence punishable– rather than a hallmark for which a person should be rewarded.

– similarly; in a scenario, where the culture of a place emphasises conformity… and no conscious top-level attempt is being made to see that people are not punished for non-conformity; then, there’s a chance that projects will suffer because people wont go the extra mile– if conforming means toeing a middle-manager’s line… and folks who do go the extra mile, might just get badly punished… and there would be no cultural reason to break from hierarchy to raise a voice…

– even more so if even HR in a company believes that someone who goes the extra mile is not being heroic but rather being a simple-ton… and not reading the writing on the wall that toeing a line gets growth… and responsibility which in term brings rewards.
In that situation going the extra mile might just be a thankless job for which a person may end up being thought of a simpleton who can be punished and used and thrown away…

Nightmare scenarios the above may sound like… but they are scenarios I have scene and even experienced… but at the same time, these are not scenarios I’d lecture ex-colleagues or ex-bosses about… and that’s the reason I touch upon some of these…

More comments and shared experiences are welcome… and yeah… I hope I’m making sense….

Also, I am happy to hear from all of you.

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