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Delhi is the New Hub For Techs

I read this interesting article recently- about how Delhi is the new hub for tech startups– in Wall Street journal. I am curious- what are the experiences/opinions of other members- who may have worked in multiple Indian metros on the subject. — Below article is a mirror of article in Wall Street Journal: Delhi […]

Bill Gates in Delhi – Nov 6th, 2008- Opening wallets to Fund Research

I attended Mr.Bill Gates’ talk– heard some very interesting ideas from Mr.Gates about opening wallets for research on the world’s pressing problems. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is practically “giving away” US $100,000 grants to researchers based on 2-page summaries of innovative ideas. I didnt post the longer article/snaps in venturewoods- because I felt […]

TiE Retail Summit 2008, Aug 1st New Delhi

I had the opportunity to check out the TiE India Retail Summit 2008- not all of it—but a few hours towards the end and I’m using this platform to put down a brief account of the same—all comments, questions, suggestions and queries are welcome, either here or by mailing me on nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com- also, incase you’d […] Delhi – 18-19 July 2008

Author’s Note: This post and accompanying photographs are copyrighted by the author; and any unauthorized replication, storage or publishing of this material without the author’s express written (and signed on paper) permission is prohibited. The author has been in the High Tech industry for over a decade; and can be reached on nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com or mobile: […]