I am going to spend a few weeks in the US in June and decided to see if I could rent a cell phone in India which would work in the US. Matrix provides such a service.

The rental is $30 for the handset. This includes 400 minutes of talk time ( 150 Peak) and after that 30 cents/min for outgoing within US and on all incoming. Outgoing calls to India are 99 cents per minute.

I will use the phone rarely so I think I will end up paying Matrix $30. Maybe I could get a slightly cheaper deal in the US but I am pretty positive the difference would not be much

What I liked was that they gave me a full kit with charger/handset and an adapter plug for US sockets.

This was the second time I used their service ( first was for Europe where they just give you SIM cards).

What was not so good was that even though I was a returning customer they did not have me/my data on file so they again had to take paperwork etc.

As a customer if I find a product well designed I will post it as I think we all could use better products.

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