I read an article in HT today.

Students who opt out of placements can opt in for two years after they graduate. This may encourage more students to chase their dreams. There is also an option at IIM-A to get a lot of course credits by doing a course of independent study in the second year. A student who wants to be an entrepreneur thus has a lot of support.

The institute feels that the ability to opt in to placements will ease societal pressures on students from parents to get a dream job right away.

Kudos to IIM-A for taking the lead and I hope other engineering and management institutes follow.

A suggestion to students is to form your team carefully. Just because you are friends it does not mean you are the right team. Students should be open to forming teams with the right people wherever they may be and also considering joining startups. Not everyone can be a lead entrepreneur or cofounder. You can make it big by being an early employee as well.

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