Rarely do I hear about good work being done using public funds in India. I was pleased to hear about a municipal school in Hauz Khas, Delhi. The school charges $1 a year as fees .

It operates upto 5th grade ( standard). A child I know joined as a first grade student. He received free books and would have got free uniforms ( they were out of stock). At school he gets a free meal. The school is clean and the people who told me about it said that though the class sizes were large ( 50+ students) the teachers seemed quite good. Getting admission was easy. No exams/bribes etc.

I do not know for sure that the funding is public money or charitable donations but I am hoping its tax rupees at work and the education cess that we pay is making a difference.

I for one would love for the media to make stories such as this front page news rather than the cola wars, fights in parliament etc.

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