As the “Quit India” movement demonstrated collective non violent action is a very powerful force that can introduce radical change.

” Rang de Basanti” articulated the need for radical change to “Make India” . The use of violence to achieve the goal is not something that I believe in. As the cliche goes the power of the pen is mightier than the gun.

Singapore has managed to introduce massive behavioural change but their methods may not be appropriate in a country like India.

I am working on a whitepaper to articulate some of my thoughts around using the power of the web and entrepreneurship to “Make India” . If you would like a copy of the whitepaper when it is done send me an email. I hope to limit the size of the whitepaper to a few pages.

“Make India” could be a “social blue whale” not just a “social elephant” if it energizes a nation . If you are a social entrepreneur interested in making “Make India” happen do get in touch.

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