I came across this article on why You Tube is getting such high usage. A quote from the article……

” Then comes YouTube. The first thing you notice about YouTube is the lack of barriers to entry. You can sign up quickly and upload anything in any format right away.
YouTube’s computers then transcode (convert) your files into Flash movies which can be played on any browser. They also provide a link to the video which you can email as well as some embedded code so you can post the video on your own website and play it from there.
Since I like to run videos on my blog this turns out to be a great way to both transcode and save bandwidth since YouTube picks up the tab on the video stream.
Would I pay for this service, yes.
I have seriously looked at the alternatives to YouTube. With no exceptions they are all flawed.
It’s amazing that the YouTube formula for success is simply ease-of-use and convenience. A shocker, huh? ”

I am a great believer in ease of use being a major factor in achieving critical mass and therefore I get quite excited when companies achieve that as one can learn and adapt.

In India I am quite convinced that “ease of use” means a combination of a great website and a human touch point as barring certain segments most consumers are not familiar with using computers/internet.

The culture is not a “DIY” ( Do it Yourself) culture and the cost of hiring “experts” is very low.

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