In GISIL as we look at our people needs we think we need a mix of fresh and experienced people. At the premier management campuses you have experienced as well as fresh people. In the engineering campuses most of the people would have no work experience.

I may in the next few weeks talk at various campuses ( where I am invited) on joining startups from campus. This may help us fill a few positions that we have at GISIL but the objective is much broader than GISIL. It is to try to get some people in campuses to think of joining startups and for startups which have exciting growth plans to be able to find talent from campuses.

If there are any exciting startups that may be looking for campus talent they can give me an email where interested students can contact them. The best way would be for them to comment on this post.

At GISIL we have limited openings for IIM types ( they have mostly got filled. Madhu is one of those joining us from IIM – A) . Most of our openings will be for engineers who are interested in building scalable transaction platforms. We will be revamping our website by the end of February which will give more detail. Those interested in GISIL please email

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