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TracBac Invest pitch – Case study on What to & What not to do

In continuation with Alok’s post on Investment pitches, i am posting our venture pitch for TracBac, a visual collaboration application. Here’s the presentation:

TracBac is a visual collaboration platform for designers and clients to interact over a modern browser. It succeeds in narrowing the gap between designers & clients by providing a rugged and easy to use collaboration platform. TracBac provides simple, yet powerful visual collaboration for designers, advertising agencies, creative professionals with their clients.

Development Stage: TracBac is 90% ready with few UI issues and minor feature upgrade. Comparing ourselves with other services by TechCrunch’s recent post, we believe, we bring in a better, simple yet sophisticated visual collaboration for the target audience.

The company is completely self-funded and interested to talk to angels / VCs in the advertising, animation, media, entertainment areas. We have a full working demo available. We are getting beta invite sign-ups via our website. TracBac’s first version [Free pre beta edition] launched in April 2006 created a good buzz, and we are featured in every Collaborate 2.0 lists in the world and people who saw the demo, seen the product has given positive feedbacks. Venturewoods has a posting too 😉 We have had genuine feedbacks to alter our features & functionality from our first version, which we duly changed in our new version. TracBac as of now is scheduled for a closed invite release by 20th November 2006.

In this presentation we focussed on the problem, solution, market, our advantage, competitive scenario, how our technology makes a cut, projections, founders and investment expectations.

Disclosure: TracBac is a product developed by 360 Degree Interactive. 360 Degree Interactive is a chennai based web service firm headed by 2 people including me.

Venture Board

Sevin Rosen, one of the most respected names in the venture capital (the one that backed the likes of Compaq Computer) was not going to raise a new fund23 and would return the money to limited partners. The reason cited was lack of scalability, IPOs and the changing interest in the technology landscape. This is not going to be a direct threat to Indian startups as the consumer internet is going strong over here. With this gloomy mindset in the valley, Ventureboard takes the idea further for the exit options for the discerning startups. Excerpts from what VentureBoard is are:

VentureBoard is a marketplace for the technology start-up community of Silicon Valley and other regions.

Ventureboard serves two main purposes:

(1) It is a place where individuals or emerging tech companies can advertise their products, assets or teams for sale and where established companies can find them.

(2) It is a place for service providers, such as financial, debt, accounting, legal and PR companies, to advertise their services, and for emerging companies to locate services they need.

It will be interesting game to see with the likes of KiKo selling it out in eBay to do an exit and similar deals are happening in the startup world.

Bar Camp Chennai – Come, Geek & Rock!

BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. It’s an unconference, so everybody will participate in the happenings, unlike traditional conferences, where one person talk and the other’s listen.

India’s first BarCamp happened in Delhi, and it turned out to be Asia’s first. Well known bloggers in Chennai like Kiruba Shankar, myself and Vijay Anand are organising the Bar Camp Chennai. The BarCampChennai focusses on Web 2.0 and Next Generation Internet. The BarCampChennai’s focus will be creating awareness about Web 2.0, showcasing some of the hot start ups work and also providing a wider network platforms for the people.

Although the event is named as “BarCampChennai”, participants are from all over India. If you are a guy who says your browser is delicious or RSS is not a political party or XML is your Tshirt size, come join us. You can see the wiki set up for that and this is going to happen on April 8th & 9th of this year. Geek, sneak and rock!!

Sabeer Bhatia – VoiFi, ArZoo & Hotmail

The posterboy of the Web 1.0 era is back. After the successful buyout of hotmail, Sabeer worked on couple of things, which dint click well. He ran Arzoo and then he made InstaColl but nothing matches along with his hotmail success. Going thru the news read at agencyfaqs!, it seems he is now back with VoiFi. VoiFi Beta, is an instant messaging (IM) service and a peer-to-peer telephony software that also offers calls for Re 1 from any part of the world to India. This is like Skype or Yahoo! with entertainment added in. I am unsure about the success of this, since there are more wannabe services available competing the slice of what Skype dominated once. The biggies Google, Microsoft, Yahoo along with smaller players like Voipbuster, Wengo are all competing on the same turf.

In addition going thru the news, that he is relaunching his Arzoo, [something similar to Yahoo! answers but happened in post dot com crash] as a travel portal. Now the online travel portal business is more competitive. Already some of the leading VCs funded online travel businesses. Now we need to see the implications of having one or two more portals in the same space. He is also busy in working on a freeware to make “hotmail” work faster 🙂