I run Tandem Entrepreneurs, a mobile accelerator in San Francisco Bay Area. I am visiting India and will be in Pune from Tuesday 7th Feb for about 10 days. I would be happy to meet with a few entrepreneurs if you want to use me as a sounding board.

At Tandem we work with 6 companies at a time. We invests $200k in each mobile startup and works closely with the team for an initial 6-month period. This allows each team to focus on gaining traction without having to wait for other capital. We work with founders to bring in other investors as the business gains momentum.Tandem has the ability to invest considerable additional time and capital in each business as needed.

You can learn more about us at You can also look at this discussion on Quora

If you want to meet with me please fill out an application at Apply and if I think I can help I will ping you.

Just to be clear I am not going to consider these applications for an investment, unless we meet and things make sense and you can move to the Bay Area for the six months that we work together. (Just dont want to set any false expectations).

Sunil Bhargava

I am the founder of Tandem Entrepreneurs .

Tandem is a new vehicle for entrepreneurship that focuses on an emerging class of software and Internet companies that, with small teams and well under $1M, can get substantial user adoption in a six to nine of months. The Tandem principals act as an extended team for each set of founders and also provide funding in small doses to these nimble businesses.

You can learn more about tandem at our website

Prior, I spent the first ten years deep in technology, working at Xerox PARC, HP and Oracle. I was then on the founding team at Webvan, where I helped build technology that drove a service that combined the challenges of Amazon and FedEx. I experienced the entire cycle of a company from zero to $4 Billion and back in a few short years. The journey taught mea lot about customers (acquisition and retention) and about operations (costs and excellence). I then co-founded Business Signatures, where I played a key role in every aspect of the business, including defining, marketing and selling the product until the company’s acquisition by Entrust in 2006.

I have a B.S.E.E. from Indian Institute of Technology, an M.S.C.S. from Rice University, and an M.S. in Management from Stanford University.

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