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Visiting India

Folks: I run Tandem Entrepreneurs, a mobile accelerator in San Francisco Bay Area. I am visiting India and will be in Pune from Tuesday 7th Feb for about 10 days. I would be happy to meet with a few entrepreneurs if you want to use me as a sounding board. At Tandem we work with […]

ZumoDrive expanding team in Asia

One of our startups – Zumodrive is expanding its operations to Singapore. It is still a very small team and this is a fun opportunity for a couple of people who could move to Singapore to join the team. Kevin West their CTO will be relocating and will build a small team in Singapore. If […]


With 3 talented founders, today, you can build a service leveraging Internet platforms from the likes of amazon, google, paypal, salesforce and 100’s of others. You can then get your service to users by leveraging social and search engine marketing and you can do this with no expensive infrastructure, very little money and all in […]

Twitter and the Rickshawalla

A few days ago I decided to try out twitter and came across an interesting post by Josh Kopelman titled Some new thoughts on the Atomization of Conversation. Here is a part of the post On Sunday morning, our seven-year old daughter awoke with sharp pain in the lower right-hand corner of her stomach. Fearing […]

Team, Product or Market

It been a while. I just read a couple of posts on the relative importance of Team, Product and Market that motivated me to write. Here are the post. The first is from Marc Andreson (Netscape fame) and the second is in response to Marc by Paul Buchheit (Gmail fame). I think both are worth […]

It’s about the People, People

This is motivated by the Alok’s post on “Miniaturization of VC” that asked what technologies would enable VC’s to manage a large portfolio of companies to moderate exits. My contention is that for such companies no armchair quarterbacking will suffice, no matter how good the remote control is. It is all about human capital – […]

The Knobs on a Social App

Some of my friends asked me to walk them through the virality of a social app so I put this little calculator together. With many building apps on a social graph such as facebook, I thought others may find this useful. It could help folks start to think about the metrics they may want to […]

Tandem Entrepreneurs Pt 2

Folks, thanks for the comments and questions both on the blog and that were sent to me through email. I do appreciate the feedback and it is always welcome. I decided to answer the questions in a post as opposed to a comment and hope that is appropriate. There were 4 main questions 1. Does […]

Tandem Entrepreneurship

After my last company was acquired, I found the time to look at the world around and I was quickly came to realize that it’s a perfect time to start a company. Traditionally startups have required teams of 15-20, two+ years and millions of dollars before they have their first hundred users. There was a […]

How does the world feel

We Feel Fine is a site that looks at postings made to blogs around the world every 10 minutes and analyses them for feelings. It then presents this data in an applet that can be used to slice and dice this data by attributes like feeling, place, weather and gender. Makes one think. It is […]