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Lessons in Service Management – The Airtel mChek fiasco

(UPDATE: Sanjay Swamy has posted that they have fixed this problem) This is first in series of posts where I will share some of my (unfortunately, mostly negative) experiences with brands, with a purpose to highlight my learnings in designing services and managing customer experience. Will welcome contributions and experiences from others as well. This […]

Entrepreneurs/Startups Event at Bangalore on November 7

Government of Karnataka is organizing an International Conference on IT called Bangalore on 6th.7th and 8th Nov in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. This year, we a new segment called YESSS-(Young Entrepreneurs’ Start ups in Soaring Spirits) is introduced, aiming at bringing together young entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs and VCs on a common platform to discuss the various aspects of […]

TiECon 2008 Delhi

TiEcon Delhi 2008 scheduled from October 22nd – 24th, 2008 at Hotel Maurya Sheraton would be one of the largest conventions for entrepreneurs and is the eighth consecutive TiEcon hosted by TiE Delhi. The theme of this year’s conference is “Entrepreneurship Comes of Age” TiEcon’s in India have attracted people who are CEO’s, successful entrepreneurs, […]

Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is one of the most powerful and under utilized Professional Networking tools available today. Here are my take on top 3 reasons to leverage LinkedIn Answers. 1. FREE Expert Advice: Obviously, the most common reason to use LinkedIn Answers is to get free advice. Almost contrary (you still need to put effort to […]

Tighten up

I had done this post six months back with some experiences from the bust, and a promise to come back with more if things worsened. That the financial world is in turmoil is old news now. Recapping some lessons for startups from a crunch: Cash is king – raise money if you can; don’t vacillate […]

partial approaches to present economic scenario

These may be partial approaches to present economic scenario for technology entrepreneurs. Embracing Business Models for Open Source Software Embracing Open Innovation These are my recent talks in OSS Camp delhi.