Innovation AwardsSet off in 2004, the NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2008 will mark the fifth edition of the Awards. With several organizations realizing the value of Innovation and actively nurturing it, we are sure that the past year has been one where the Indian IT Industry has broken established precepts with path breaking ideas that have brought value to both its customers and itself. If your organization has been a part of creating value through new ideas and their commercialization, we invite you to share with us what you have created and achieved, so that it can be recognized and shared with a greater set of people and institutions.The award categories this year are

  • Market facing innovation – New technology advancement – Creation of ‘new to the world’ or ‘new to the market’ technology that will help a customer realize value. E.g. Products and solutions for 3G telecom networks, Natural language processing solutions for customer care offerings
  • Market facing innovation – Business model and business process – Services and products that have enabled customer value creation through transformation of business model or business processes or other structural change E.g.Software as a service offering, Design processes and business models for system-on-a-chip hardware
  • Business innovation – Business model and business process – Innovations to company’s own business processes, models, inputs, go-to-market strategies, delivery models etc. to realize significant value to itself. E.g. Extreme programming (XP) or Agile techniques1 for software development, Talent sourcing, training and retention approach and strategies 
  • Start-up
    • Market facing innovation – new technology advancement
    • Market facing innovation – business model and / or business process
    • Business innovation – business model and / or business process

Some of the benefits of participating are:

  • NASSCOM support through suggested partners, providing maximum value to these companies
  • Mentoring, to be offered by industry leaders or someone nominated from the larger players who can spend time with the finalists
  • Extensive coverage in both domestic and global media
  • Participation in trade delegations where these companies will get showcased 
  • Visibility of finalists among NASSCOM’s peer associations in other countries
  • Spotlight on the companies at the annual NASSCOM India Leadership Forum
  • A listing of 100 IT Innovators published on the NASSCOM website at with a detailed profile of your innovation
  • Visibility on NASSCOM’s web site, which will showcase and promote these companies

Finalists for Innovation Awards 2007 are mentioned below:

  • Comat Technologies
  • Financial Technologies India Ltd
  • Mango Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • MediaLab Asia
  • MindTree Consulting
  • Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • MeritTrac Services Private Limited
  • Texas Instruments

Hurry up! The last date for nominations is 5th November 2008. You can submit your Innovations online