ESOP Successes – Quasar Crorepatis

Quasar has been kind to share some of the success stories on ESOPs – these employees made about 1 crore each when WPP acquired a majority stake in Quasar. Thanks to Quasar for sharing the same.

Deven Dharamdasani
Business Director
Age 29
Joined Oct-2004

Gopikaa Davar
Associate Director
Age 26
Joined Jun-2002

Manish Sinha
VP – Projects
Age 35
Joined Dec-2005

Piyush Rathi
Business Director
Age 32
Joined Feb-2006

Richa Burman
Creative Director
Age 31
Joined Mar-1999

Sandeep Singh
Business Director
Age 26
Joined Jun-2005

Vijay Singh
Director Finance
Age 32
Joined Apr-2000

Congratulations to all of the above. Hopefully, this will trigger other people to come out with their success stories!

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  1. Siddharth Puri says:

    Without ESOP’s they would have made average salary of INR 12-15L per year according to experience and media industry standard.


  2. Krish says:

    Not hard to guess what must have gone into the ESOP crores that got made. Remember to appreciate the pioneering idea of Quasar Media, brilliant execution by team members and the good fortune of being visible to Lord Martin Sorrel (of WPP)who acquired 75% stake.


  3. Jaspreet says:

    Interesting post Alok,

    Deepak, important question is what are you comparing against ? How much these guys would have made in a “regular” job.


  4. Thanks Alok for this. Excellent stories and I hope there are more such stories!

    When Infy acquired Progeon, they paid the progeon ESOP holders in cash (the total cost was some 58 cr. IIRC). they also had the option of converting their ESOPs to Infy ESOPs. I think some of them made money of the order of a 50 lakhs to a crore. The top honchos made more.

    Also some employees made a good amount of money in the WNS IPO recently, and also when WNS acquired Marketics. Not sure of the order of money involved, but a crore or some more is what I’d imagine.

    One question I would like to ask here: What’s a good exit value for an ESOP holder? Is the lure of a 1 crore exit exciting? I ask because I have no head for these numbers anymore, with tiny apartments costing upwards of a crore and living expenses tending to be 6-8 lakhs a year at least for a reasonably good life. Would the magic number be 2 crore (in today’s money)?

    Or four? or am I being silly and even 50 lakhs is fantastic?

    My answer: On my financial scale the number to reach, in order to not have to worry about money, is Rs. 2 crore of today’s money. I’d written about it earlier and the money I’d need is like 3.3 crores when I’m 45. That translates to about 2 cr. today.

    (Darn, two years down the road since that article already, and I’m nowhere near that goal 🙂 )

  5. shivaas says:

    Could you explain the model taken by Quasar in allotting esops to these employees, and how they were able to create such a large amount of wealth for them ? It would great to get insights into the working of this and help other startups to use this success story as a yardstick..

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