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Strategies for entering into rural market

The following are very generic comments for companies focused on rural market. Focus: The company/organization must focus on a single service unlike Drishtee or n-logue or Akshaya. However after achieving success with a product/service you may broaden your portfolio. Training: Training is essential for all the stakeholders in the company – employees, customers, vendors, etc. […]

Security startups to watch

Here’s a list of some bright and upcoming security companies which, in my opinion, have a promising potential: Endeavor Security (, Rating 4/5) – My bets are on this startup. Endeavor is an early-stage company working on a truly disruptive security framework which could be the next big thing in Internet-wide threat analysis and actionable […]

An Attempt to work at a startup

Hi everyone. This is my first post. A quick introduction about myself. I am Vivek and currently located in Chennai. Aspiring to be an entrepreneur in the days/months/Years to come 🙂 This article is an attempt to understand the process of hiring at a startup. Your comments would help me understand what went on. To […]

Services going mobile in Rural India

Offering services to Rural India is expensive. That is because, peasants live in sparse locations and so, distribution costs are very high. That is why, one needs to innovate here. One of such innovation is to offer the service, mobile. I used to wonder about the business model on providing Internet service on cycle rickshaw […]

10x Faster Enterprise PC Backup

Value Proposition 10 times faster PC backups with 90% reduction in bandwidth and storage utilization. Never lose a file. Ever – Timeline based, from the past Restores. Where its useful ? Remote backups – low bandwidth scenarios like – remote-office/off-site backup, traveling user backups Local backup – Savings in time and storage space. Bare-Metal Restore […]

Venture industry in US slowing down?

A piece, via WSJ, provides some sobering stats: There were 844 venture firms investing in U.S. companies last year, 40 fewer than in 2006, according to the latest data from VentureSource, a research unit of VentureWire publisher Dow Jones. That is down 30% from the bubble year of 2000, when there were nearly 1,200 active […]

List of mobile services and limitations

I believe that mobile is one of the most revolutionary thing happened in our lifetime. It would become the key enabler in the process of human development (socially/economically). The reason, for this, is the following services which would be available on a mobile sooner or later if unavailable now. Note : All the following services […]

Startups , Students and Universities !

One of the biggest constraints faced by a startup is access to cheap & quality manpower. Though you can get experienced techies to lead or manage your projects ( Thanks to ESOPS & the startup bug – a lot of experienced hands are willing to associate with bootstrapped startups) . But the real problem is […]

ESOP Successes – Quasar Crorepatis

Quasar has been kind to share some of the success stories on ESOPs – these employees made about 1 crore each when WPP acquired a majority stake in Quasar. Thanks to Quasar for sharing the same. Deven DharamdasaniBusiness DirectorAge 29Joined Oct-2004  Gopikaa DavarAssociate DirectorAge 26Joined Jun-2002  Manish SinhaVP – ProjectsAge 35Joined Dec-2005  Piyush RathiBusiness DirectorAge […]

A good list of social entrepreneurship resources

To all who are interested in social entrepreneurship A good list of social entrepreneurship resources See their fellows (only US based), but for the ideas that can be implemented anywhere in the world if relevant at ->There are too many things possible in social entrepreneurship in India and worldwide.