Value Proposition

  1. 10 times faster PC backups with 90% reduction in bandwidth and storage utilization.
  2. Never lose a file. Ever – Timeline based, from the past Restores.

Where its useful ?

  1. Remote backups – low bandwidth scenarios like – remote-office/off-site backup, traveling user backups
  2. Local backup – Savings in time and storage space.
  3. Bare-Metal Restore – Solution is best suited for fast and efficient bare-metal (OS+data) restores.

 How are we doing this ?

Enterprise PC data is increasing at a rate of 40% annually. And within organizations, more than 80% of this PC data (emails/documents) is common between users. This is also validated by Gartner Report (Mar 2008) and MS Report (SIS and its effects in Microsoft).

Druvaa inSync enterprise PC backup solution uses advanced data de-duplication technology called – “SendUnique” to identify duplicate data before the backup starts. It checks with the backup server if the data (file/email) being backed up has already been backed up by any other user and then backs up only unique data. This boosts backup speed by up to 10 times and reduces bandwidth and storage usage by 90%. The fingerprinting used is powerful enough to figure out even same paragraphs between two documents.

Example: HR sends same email to 1000 employees, If one guy backs up, 999 would skip it during backup.

User Experience

This is totally transparent to the user, all he can see is a reduced backup time, which is even more critical for traveling and off-site based employees. While restoring he can see a timeline view of all his backed up data. He can choose any date:time to restore entire data from the past !

 Other Business Use cases

This is a truly unique concept and can be extended to PDA and server backup as well.

Yes, we filed two patents to protect this IP 🙂

More information

  1. Animated Demo
  2. De-duplication explained
  3. Product Features
  4. Benchmarks
  5. Background of De-duplication (and attempts made by others).

Beta is available for downloads. The product is priced $35/Laptop/annum and free for SOHO/Startups.

I would be interested in knowing how you think about the idea and product.

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