I believe that mobile is one of the most revolutionary thing happened in our lifetime. It would become the key enabler in the process of human development (socially/economically). The reason, for this, is the following services which would be available on a mobile sooner or later if unavailable now.

Note : All the following services would never be available on a single mobile phone. Any subset of these services would be sold in the market. So it means, one will keep multiple mobile devices.

  • Voice/Video Calls (local/national/international)
  • Documentation/Video Recording/Audio Recording – Blogging, Remotely updating office work, Softwares- Word/Excel/Powerpoint/etc, Creative Designs such as drawing,
  • Messaging/Chat/File Transfer – one to one, group messaging, group discussions, automatic notification, RSS feeds,
  • Music – Tune/songs identification through audio recording in order to download on iTunes kind of a platform,
  • E-Commerce – ordering groceries, Insurance policy, Photo-prints,
  • Ticketing or Booking – Air/ Train/ Bus/ Car/ Movie/ Hotel/ Events/ Any professionals’ appointments/ etc
  • Video/Audio on Demand – Movies, Story telling for children, Live video/audio streams
  • Access to content on web – Videos/ Images/ News Papers/ Magazines/Horoscope etc
  • Friendship/Dating networks
  • Matrimonial services
  • Search for person/object/location details – where, who, what, how, when-, object identification through photos,
  • TV – With time shift facility
  • Stocks/Investment
  • Navigation systems – Maps, Diksuchi, Driving directions
  • Banking
  • Location based payments (similar to credit/smart card) for uses such as parking lot fee, AVM, Pay any merchant such as autowala
  • E-Books
  • Teaching/TrainingE-Pen, Live streaming lectures, Materials such as Lecture notes, Presentations, Audio/Video Lectures,
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Diagnosis – Temperature, BP, Pulse reading through Stylus
  • Scanning – paper/photo,
  • OCR
  • Barcode Reader
  • Object Location Identification – RFID
  • Dictionary/Encyclopedia
  • Translation (Text/Voice)
  • Voting
  • Survey/Quiz/Feedback/Complaints/examination systems
  • Application filingJobs, loans, admission, other government services,
  • Remote access – Computers, Mobiles, TV, Fridge, Micro oven, Electric switches,
  • Identification – Software Key, Digital signature, Finger print scan, password,
  • Alarm/Watch/Timer
  • Mirror
  • Radio
  • Mouse

However, there are certain limitations to mobile which are the reasons for having limitations on the number of services. These are:

  • Display size – May have TV/Monitor output.
  • MemoryRemote storage may be used
  • Processor performanceMay use the resource of another remote high performance computer
  • Battery power
  • KeypadA foldable printed paper type wireless keypad may be used
  • Interoperability
  • Signal reach – signal boosters may be used
  • Environment
  • Water/Heat/Cold/Fire/chemicals issues
  • StandingPhysical stand may be used with flexibility in height and width

I am documenting complete details on each of the above services. If anyone wishes to collaborate with me, please write to my gmail id, malapati. Thanks.