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Mobile as media for rural India

Today someone has sent me a mail with the following question. What are your thoughts on the role mobile can play in rural india? Are there significant revenue opportunities in either mobile advertising or messaging? First of all, what is the media that through which you can reach rural consumers? Currently it is TV or […]

Opportunities for service providers in education

During the last two weeks I have attended my brother’s engagement and as well as his marriage in Andhra Pradesh. As these were planned on a short notice, I had to travel on busses from Hyderabad to Tenali (via Guntur) and Guntur to Hyderabad. As usual, through the bus window I was observing at all […]

Who will tell telecom operators?

Few thousands of people travel on any Mumbai local train. These trains run with a period of every 5-10 minutes. This means, you have thousands of people present anywhere on track and at any point of time. Many of them belong to organized sector. Each person would spend at least an hour or two on […]

Strategies for entering into rural market

The following are very generic comments for companies focused on rural market. Focus: The company/organization must focus on a single service unlike Drishtee or n-logue or Akshaya. However after achieving success with a product/service you may broaden your portfolio. Training: Training is essential for all the stakeholders in the company – employees, customers, vendors, etc. […]

Services going mobile in Rural India

Offering services to Rural India is expensive. That is because, peasants live in sparse locations and so, distribution costs are very high. That is why, one needs to innovate here. One of such innovation is to offer the service, mobile. I used to wonder about the business model on providing Internet service on cycle rickshaw […]

List of mobile services and limitations

I believe that mobile is one of the most revolutionary thing happened in our lifetime. It would become the key enabler in the process of human development (socially/economically). The reason, for this, is the following services which would be available on a mobile sooner or later if unavailable now. Note : All the following services […]