Few thousands of people travel on any Mumbai local train. These trains run with a period of every 5-10 minutes. This means, you have thousands of people present anywhere on track and at any point of time. Many of them belong to organized sector. Each person would spend at least an hour or two on an average (to and from). In any case, all the commuters represent a good economy for consuming various services on move.

It is clear to see that during local journeys people prefer Mobile VAS services in order to pass their time. Forget the quality of network in accessing data services on move, even when one wants to make calls or receive calls (from train commuters),  call drop is very high and voice break is very much persistent. I could never find the reason why telecom operators don’t install sufficient towers on pathways of train track routes/ bus routes/traffic signals.

 I strongly believe, any directions in this regard would lead to increase in usage of Mobile VAS. What do you think?