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Digital India 12 – 15 Dec 2007

We’ve been talk long at IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association India) about setting up a consumer facing expo with the twin aim of 1. giving our members a platform for interacting with consumers live, which is a critical component of marketing, severely lacking in India; 2. Increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of the Internet, […]

Positive Thinking/Integrity

I have no desire to offend anyone with this post but it is about time the confident India ( post T20) thinks positively and stops petty thinking. My aim in posting once in a while on Eko or on other things is to get a few people to think positive and big and to share […]

Venturewoods back online

Admin Post: There was a database corruption on venturewoods which did not allow any comments to be posted for past 24 hours. We have lost some comments due to that – if you find your comments disappeared, please feel free to post again. Post Authors: if you have notifications of comments on your email and […]

Venturewoods Ahead?

This is an admin post, please feel free to ignore if you might not be interested. We started venturewoods two years back, and largely on an organic basis, it has acquired traction in the community. There are a few thousand members who read venturewoods, few hundred who comment, and more than 50 who write on […]

Facebook End Game

I am a Big FAN of Facebook and like thousands of internet enthusiast I see Mark Zukerberg as a HERO . He has created a Giant distribution Platform called Social Graph . He did it on his vision of Internet and social media . Some of his moves like News feed, Opening up the platform […]

Eko – Another baby step

Things are buzzing at Eko and we have just updated our website to let people know a little more of what we are upto. In a startup working on the right things and keeping founder chemistry strong are important challenges. We think we are doing well on this score. We have agreed on three key […]

A New Kind of Incubation Model. Part II

For those who had asked about how incubation centres work, I believe the comments in the previous post would have helped. To summarize, an incubation centre supports an entrepreneur with an active advisory panel, infrastructure and with some financial assistance to help them jumpstart the process. That’s pretty much the gist of the matter. As […]

What is a startup?

Open Coffee Club’s (OCC) third meet happened successfully in Bangalore yesterday. OCC has been getting good amount of traction in Bangalore since the day it kick off. However, my key aim of writing this post is not to publicize OCC, rather, to ask a straight and simple question. ( This question was asked by one […]

The Need for a New Kind of Incubation Model

It seems that at the rise of every economic cycle, old structures of the past do pop-up again. Incubators are a good example of that. They were around during the dotcom bubble and they are back now. I am not talking about India, where incubators are meant to be the last refuge for most entrepreneurs […]

Norwest Venture Partners opens India office in Mumbai

from ET: Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has opened office in India. The firm, led by Promod Haque, is best known for its technology investments. Its portfolio has 60 companies including 20 that are based in the US but have an Indian presence. Five of its investee companies are […]

How do Social Networks make money?

I came across this interesting post on alternate ways social networks are monetizing. Of course there is Facebook and the big frenzy they are trying to jumpstart into what is essentially still a purposeless network (come on now). Are there mainstream monetizers for social networks? What about vertical social networks unlike LinkedIn for example? I […]

Using Facebook professionally

WebWorkerDailyhas an interesting post on 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally: Facebook has to be the most talked about, and the most misunderstood, web service/platform right now. If you haven’t gotten drawn in by the hype, it may surprise you to learn that many people have already found Facebook to be an essential addition to […]