from ET:

Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has opened office in India. The firm, led by Promod Haque, is best known for its technology investments. Its portfolio has 60 companies including 20 that are based in the US but have an Indian presence. Five of its investee companies are based in India.

Norwest’s India operations will be based in Mumbai and headed by Niren Shah as managing director. Shah was earlier with eBay in the US as senior director of strategy and ventures and before that with KPMG’s corporate finance team in India.

Two more executives are likely to join the team in Mumbai as the fund expects to finalise more India investments. Unlike a few VC firms that have floated India specific funds, NVP makes all its investments from a global fund. The investments are across the US, India and Israel. The firm has around $2.5 billion under its management with the current fund at $650 million. Mr Haque said the number of India investments may to go up from 10% to 15% of the total fund size.

Udhay Shankar N

Udhay is a veteran of the technology and entrepreneurship scene, having helped found his first entrepreneurial venture straight out of college in 1991. Since then, he has been invoved in various pioneering ventures,
including (among other things) India's first web site company (in 1995), and India's first startup to get silicon valley venture capital funding (in 1999). He has helped build Yahoo!'s first social media network (before facebook existed) and was recently helping Intel build new products for the Indian consumer. In addition, he set up and ran the startup accelerator at the VC fund, Axilor Ventures, and spends a lot of time helping startups of various kinds further refine their product and strategy.

He is also the force behind the well-known discussion group silklist, since 1997, which makes it one of the longer-lived email lists on the net. Discussions on silklist have ended up inspiring articles, books, Ph.D theses, and sociological studies. Recently, he helped found the 'unconference' styled event, The Goa Project, which aims to bring interesting people of all types together to learn and collaborate..

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