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WestBridge launches India “evergreen” fund

Interesting. Investment firm WestBridge Capital has raised India’s first so-called evergreen fund from global investors, or limited partners (LPs). Unlike traditional funds, the $500 million (around Rs 2,500 crore) corpus that WestBridge has raised will not have an investment cycle. Instead, returns generated on investments will automatically be ploughed back into the investment pool, creating […]

Marc Andreessen raises $300MM for early stage investments

Very interesting news. In this climate of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, noted entrepreneur Marc Andreessen (who led the development of the first web browser and co-founded Netscape, among other things) and Ben Horowitz have raised 300 million dollars for early stage investments: Sources said the fund–which was nicknamed “Project A” but is actually called Andreessen […]

Accel Partners raises $1B in new money

Even in this environment, there is lots of money around after all. It’s just that LPs are more cautious, seems to be the takeaway from this NYT blogpost: Who says that money is tight for venture capitalists? Accel Partners, the Palo Alto, Calif., venture capital firm behind companies like Facebook, Glam Media and MetroPCS, announced […]

Venture industry in US slowing down?

A piece, via WSJ, provides some sobering stats: There were 844 venture firms investing in U.S. companies last year, 40 fewer than in 2006, according to the latest data from VentureSource, a research unit of VentureWire publisher Dow Jones. That is down 30% from the bubble year of 2000, when there were nearly 1,200 active […]

The Internet according to Akamai

Akamai has published the first in a series of quarterly looks at the state of the internet (warning, requires registration), which they would be in a unique position to report on. From the summary: Starting with the January to March (1st quarter) 2008 time period, Akamai will be publishing a quarterly “State of the Internet” […]

Indian PE affected by meltdown

ET has a piece on PE investments slowing down and deals taking more time to close. The current global meltdown propelled by subprime concerns has left its mark on the Indian market too, which is also evident in the number of private equity deals slowing down. Industry experts say unlike in the past when term […]

Domestic BPO market – next big opportunity?

Avendus has a report out on the domestic BPO sector. With the decline of the dollar and the expansion of the India domestic market in all spheres, could this be the next big opportunity? Historically, the outsourcing market in India has been export focused and most participants have been focusing their energies in building businesses […]

Al Gore joins Kleiner Perkins as Partner

Very interesting. Another lever for Gore to try and influence the climate change issue. The alliance provides Mr. Gore an additional pulpit for his advocacy of environmental causes, but also gives the Nobel laureate an opportunity to nurture green businesses. Venture capitalists said the move could help companies financed by Kleiner establish ties with big […]