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Entrepreneurship at different levels

One of our gurus (guru Nanak) always emphasized on traveling, as per him it helps a man discover his true self. During college i was lucky to travel to 7 countries … Now after a long time and as a part of my work at druvaa, i was traveling for almost 8 weeks now … […]

Domestic Healthcare Market

Just saw this report on Indian healthcare market by 2015 – astonishing growth rates, and very high disease rates. Needless to say, it opens up opportunities for all kinds of businesses (manufacturing, services, products) in the domestic healthcare market.


Many of my friends are Internet and Soc Nw. Enthusiast . whenever we sit together ,we spend a lot of time discussing relative merit of every Sc.Nw site in market . some time back we were discussing most primitive form of all social Nw sites, namely DATING sites . Almost every one in group agreed […]

Band of Angels’ 1st Mumbai meeting

Band of Angels, now rechristened Indian Angel Network(IAN) held it’s 1st meeting in Mumbai today afternoon, where 6 businesses presented for raising early stage capital. IAN has now assigned a member to work with each of the businesses to help develop their plan and undertake diligence. Upon completion of these steps, which usually takes a […]