Tim O’ Reilly on Web 2.0

I recently interviewed Tim O’ Reilly of O’ Reilly Media and O’ Reilly Radar about Web 2.0 and its implications. In this interview Tim points out that Web 2.0 uses the Internet as a platform to harnass the collective intelligence of the users. An interesting point that he made and that stuck with me was that most disruptive technologies might appear as toys initially and that it is important not to dismiss them. Think Twitter here.

Ajit Jaokar has an excellent post that highlights the essence of the conversation with Tim.

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  1. Kamla Bhatt says:

    Yes, microformats are creating quite a bit of ripple out here in Silicon Valley from what I can see. It will be intresting to see how this space evolves outside of the Valley though.


  2. RYK says:

    outstanding. thanks so much

  3. Nilesh Sardar says:

    Where is Mr. Alok Mittal these days ?? Sir, haven’t heard from you since long..

    time for a post.. come on..

  4. Vicky says:

    Interesting read .. particularly twitter seems to be the new way in communication.

    If I can share an article :
    Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond

    Author depicts that twitter has added a new quadrant in communication.

    Guy Kawasaki has used this new communication method – compact/broadcast in his highly criticized venture truemors.com.

    It would be a good space to watch for new development as this medium matures.

    - Vicky @ startupnews.in

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